Saturday, April 18, 2009

A ride to Goa

Before: Since Wedding was in Goa and I had full 3 days, and a perfect plan; So we School buddies Me and Sunil from pune, Girish, Shidu,Kiran, Asif from hubli; wanted to catch up for a long time, and had planned for another Goan Vacation!!!. It had been Quite some time; that we all went on a Bike trip, Since Weeding was at panaji; Each one of us was really excited to be @ Goa; To get back magic of Old Schooling days and Memories!!!!

Till Thursday; Sunil, was going to join me from pune; because of some Obivious reasion it just didn't happened, Finally It was Me, Girish, along with wife Sanjana, Shidu, and Kiran, Will be coming down to Goa for the wedding; And all of us expected to meet up on Friday 10-April-2009 @ Mapusa by 12.30 PM. After Every thing was in place and finally it was happening...

Route Details:
Day 1 (10th April, 2009) : Pune - Satara - Kolapur - Belgum - Amboli - Savanthwadi - Mapusa - Aguada Fort – Sinquerim Beach – Candolim beach – Calangute Beach – Povarin - Panaji: 568 KMS

DAY 2 (11th April, 2009): Panaji - Dona Paula - Dona Paula Beach - Panaji City - Mapuza - Calangute Beach - Mapuza: 68 KMS

Day 3 (12th April, 2009) : Mapuza – Baga Beach - Anjuna Beach - Chapora Fort(Dil Chahata hai fort) - Vergatror beach - Panaji - Old GOA - Basalica of Bom - st Augustine Chruch - Ponda - Molem - Anamod - khanapur - Belgum - Kolapur - Satara - Pune : 578KMS

Day 3 @ Goa

Day 3: 12 April 2009
The next day I was least botherd to get up early; but forcibly, woke up by 8.00 and tuck in some traditional Goan sausages for breakfast and head straight to the Baga beach.Since it was our last day in Goa..we decided not to make it too hectic, since I had to drive a lot today.

Baga Beach!!!

Leaving crowed Baga beach; we headed to wards Anjuna beach being just next to Baga beach; Anjuna Beach; is one the most popular beaches of Mapuza, which is nestled between the Arabian Sea and a small hillock. It overlooks the sea and thus gives a splendid look of the shoreline. The Beach is known for its soft white sands and shoreline dotted with exotic palm trees.

A path from baga Beach to Anjuna Beach!!
I like Anjuna beach because of its trance parties that take place on the shore. These parties usually take place on full moon nights as it adds to the magic of trance music. Getting to Anjuna Beach is not difficult as all forms of transport are available..

Rock and Sandy Anjuna Beach!!!
After Ajuna; we wher happy to be back on whels again; then it was “Phir Dil Chata hai” Yes we were at Chopara fort famously known has Dil Chata Hai fort, We needed to pay another Visit to savor the view of colossal laterite walls and cupola-shaped turrets that provide a picturesque view of the Vagator Beach!!!..

"Phir Dil Chata Hai"

For me this trip to Goa would have been Incomplte; if we had missed this Stunning place; well this is one off most stunning place in Mapuza, The 500-year-old Portuguese Fort, on the banks of Chapora river is an ideal get away for some stolen moments with oneself. Spending some time in the historical monument and watch the sun go down into the ocean, is an experience in itself; and best time to visit this fort is during the Sunset just Amazing views all around!!!! As you can see from picks below!!!

View of Chapora River mearging with Araibian Sea form Chapor fort!!!

At Fort If you have the luxury of time, sit with the locals and listen to the numerous stories and local legends that have been talked about over the ages in these parts. They are interesting and you can also get to taste home cooked food too as the villagers are very warm people who treat guests as kindly as they can.

Chapora from outside!!!
While on the fort, We were watching the ocean change its color from aquamarine blue to a tinge of green. All of us truly enjoyed our visit and Sanjana & Kiran being here for the first time; got very excited, after some time to beat the heat; we though of taking a stroll on the shore of Vergator beach; bare feet and letting the gentle waves lap at our feet!!!
It was just amazing for all of us to back here again!!! Being here; as if we all have turned the time wheel back; to good old times and getting back those delightful Memories of past, was highlight of our visit to this place!!!!
Just Short of words!!!!!

This Picture perfect fort provides the ideal background for the Vagator beach and ur Visit to this fort will be worth it!!! Belive me!!! The Vagator beach is also a delightful peace of land on th face of earth. With black lava rocks and golden sands, lined with coconut trees!! Simply Superb...

Streets of Old Goa!!!

It was almost 2.30 pm with Mercury raising, we all got back on our saddles, and soon after having excellent lunch @ Vergator beach; well tasting local Villagers food was best part of it, food was delicious, After Lunch we rolled on towards Old Goa... well Something unique we indulged during this trip to Goa; this time In Goa; we though of going to Beautiful Cathedrals. Well Old Goa has many famous Cathedrals; as you approach Old Goa there are clear indications to the famous Churches of Old Goa.

Basilica of Bom Jesus at Old Goa

The first Church we visited was the Basilica of Bom Jesus. This is the most famous of all the churches in Old Goa. The basilica holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. we Spent some time at the church and walking towards the Se Cathedral Church just across the road. This church is known to be the largest church in Asia. Spending some time at the church and the nice cool interiors was a welcome delight from the heat outside. We then walk back to the parking lot.

Basilica of Bom Jesus!!!
St Cathedral main attraction

These two trees were very large as you can tell by the truck nearby. Basilica of Bom Jesus at Old Goa!! Quite a relief from Sun's Glory.
St. Catherine of Alexandria
The Se Cathedral Church is dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria. And church is considered to be the largest in Asia.Originally, there were two towers, on either side of the facade, but the one on the southern side plummeted,The fallen bell tower was never rebuilt and has given the building an exceptionally charming look; and the existing tower houses a famous bell, 'Golden Bell' which is one of the largest in Goa.
After some time we head towards Church of St. Augustine that is up the road about 400mts from Basilica of Bom Jesus. The church now is completely in ruins and there is a lot of excavation work going on here. we stop for some time for photographs; here its worth mentioning about about a wax museum at Old Goa. We had seen a Wax Museum during our last holiday, and I didn't liked it. So if you have come all way till here check this place as it’s very close to the church. It’s the same branch that operates the Wax Museum at Ooty. Pay the tickets and enter Wax Museum.
After couple of hours spent around beautiful Church's of old Goa, None of us bothered to keep a watch on time machine; but by then; It’s was 5:30 PM and and we where ready to leave form Old Goa and finally Goa. Even though none of us wanted to take leave; but over the years; some things have changed, that is; we all are having some Commitments!!! So after quite Refreshing break at Coffee shop, then we were back on raod and zoomed to-wards Ponda, It was almost dusk when we reached kanapur at 7.00 PM; after a long break and a much needed on @ Daba near kanpur; By 8.00 pm; I had to take leave from Giri, Sanjana, Shid and kiran... They moved on towards Hubli and I to-wards pune....With that 3 day's of total Fun, Excitement, and Joy came to an abrupt end!!! Its was magical to be with each one of them, Kudos to u Guyz; which made yet another Goan vacation a really memorable and very special one for me!!. I Love u all....
but again I run out of words to describe the exquisiteness of Goa, the sight of blue sky all around and blue water below is the real essence of this place. The vibrant energy of the people keeps you going; through the day and all through the night till wee hours of the morning!!! Goa for me is the most charming abode to relax. All the beaches here are welcoming and by day its sun, sea and surf and by night its friends, fun, fish and fenny. Thus make Goa very special and very close to my heart.

Just pack your bags!!! Come !!! Experience!!!! Live!!!
On that note; I take leave; Soon I'll back , As "Journey Never Ends" Never!!!!

Day 2 - Goa

Day 2: 11 April 2009

At 5.30 After perfect Wedding Ceremony; With my eyes numb; I took leave from Azad Bhavan, Well every other person was really excited about visiting Goa, for this Special Weeding!!! So before they took leave, Each on of them was eager spend some good moments at a beach.. So quickly every one got ready, packed, and back on wheels and we back on our saddles and rolled on towards the Dona Paula. Since we new the route well, we were leading the pack, and every one was fallowing us!!

Dolphin Sighting @ Dona Paula!!!
Here it was just amazing for me looking at every one; since I had been here I not much excited; but every one irrespective off Age gap was having Fantastic time!!!! Well Young brigade was having fun and Old team members in there own style looking at the foreign tourist and wondering about there dress Code!!!… It was just fantastic!!! Well when I said to my granny on my wedding; I would gift a similar dress; Every one around has huge smile on thir face; and Expressions on Granny face was worth watching!!!! Amazing Expressions!!!
Location for Bollywood movies...
On a other side Dona Paula Is also one off the most famous Tourist spot in Panaji, The beauty of Dona Paula beach has been enhanced by a spooky past. History tells that the beach was named after Dona Paula de Menzes, daughter of a viceroy..She threw herself off the cliff, when her father Av viceroy refused permission to marry a local fisherman, Gaspar Dias.
Fishing Boats at Dona Paula.
This entire story attracts many tourists and they come here just to feel the sweet pain of love. This beach has also been the location for many Indian movies. , one one can saver the Pictures tic view of Vasco city, as well as Mondovi river merging here with Arabian sea @ Dona Paula; Given this dual attraction thus it has become a popular tourist spots.
A view of Arabian Sea from Dona Paula
We all had some cool Fun at this place and After almost over and hour spent at this place, and post sunset; It was time to bid Abdu to every body… Every one back to there respective vehicles, well Parents and Relatives left towards Hubli, My cousin bro stayed back with me; and we headed back to Panaji…
Sunset @ Dona Paula
Well Girish wanted to Take his wife on a Cruse ride across river Mondovi, but Me and Shid, were not much excited about it, we had been to a cruise earlier, Leaving The Couples alone; we left towards Panaji city.... Just to drive through the Beautiful streets of Panaji, Especially during night… I with my cousin and shid with kiran took off towards the unknown streets of Panaji… Well Goa/Panaji comes to life after Sun sets also, till late night busing with beautiful colors!! Just see the Pick below!!!
River Mondovi @ Night
Goa offers a great nightlife and I love the party scene here. I have by far visited all possible hang outs here however my favorite place is definitely Paradiso. Situated on a hill top in Anjuna, its one of the most rocking place in Goa. Being at a considerable height it offers a panoramic view of the sea.
Star Cruises On Revier Mondavi!!!
Amazingly Goan people are famous for their cooperation. You ask for some help and you get more in return. We came across one such guy. It was already dark so just to make sure we take the right route, we asked a local guy in Panjim for confirmation. The poor chap literally drew a detailed map to explain the route.
Lady of Immaculate Conception Church @ Night After
After the cruse, Giri called us, then we head back towards Panaji, after getting back to the Resort took a nice hot water bath. We decide to head towards one of the many restaurants at the banks Calangute Beach for dinner. We had best dinner which we can get, at Peters Shacks, @ Calangute Beach; I don’t know why I head to these Shacks on my every visit to Goa, but I wonder is it the hospitality offered? Or is it my attachment to this place keeps drawing me back to the blissful seaside. Maybe it’s just me and my habit of getting attached to things, people and places I love.
Solingen church with Colorful Lights..
After dinner we all went on a long walk along side the lonely beach; and then back to the Resort by 11:30PM.We had a comfortable room on the ground floor, beautifully done up. A small attached balcony had a view of the pool; Most of the resorts in Goa are done in a Indo-Portuguese architecture with modern amenities inside the room, making stay a pleasure. After Brief discussion on Tomorrows plans, we all signed off for the day and hit the bed by midnight!!

Day 1 @ Goa

Day 1: 10 April 2009
Friday had came after a long and enthusiastic wait. Morning at 5.30AM (an hour's delay as per the planned start time), I took off towards Goa. It was warm and sunny day, with just the right amount of breeze early morning, and bike in right hands; Everything was just about perfect for a long ride…

Sunrise On the way to Satara!!

I rode non-stop till Satara, a distance of 130KMs. After 3 hours & travelling 260KMS, I was in Kolapur. Having covered more han 50% of the distance in first 3 hours. Now I had all the time in the world to reach Mapusa.
A lazy breakfast at Hotel near Nipani & then back on the saddles. From there onwards I made progress slowly as compared to initial leg. Another two hours after Crossing ghats, I was near Amboli by 10.30 AM.

As I had plenty of time. I decided to spend some time in Amboli, which was not in the initial plan. I crossed a beautiful Ghat; that was the most wonderful drive till now. It was so amazing that the words just can’t describe it; this route from Belgum to Goa is worth only for this part of the drive. I did a mistake of not noting down the distance-wise location; but with that delightful piece of road with surrounding natural beauty...
AT 12.00 PM; I had just entered Savanthvadi & still some 50 odd KMS to cover, I got to know Giri and every body happened to be in Panaji, After 8 hours 15minutes & travelling 490 KMS, I was in Mapusa, Went Into A hotel and heard people talking in Kannada. So it was Giri, Sanju, Shidu, and Kiran. I was thrilled to see my timeless Buddies!!!!

Fort Aguda!!

After a Nice Goan lunch, We took off towards Aguda Fort. We parked our bikes, and went in. Since I, Girish, and Shidu had been to this place before we had no problems in reaching the fort. A freshwater spring within the fort provides water supply to the ships that used to stop-by. This is how the fort got its name: Aguada = Water. This old Portuguese fort stands on the beach south of Candolim, at the shore of the Mandovi river.On the fort stands a 4-storey Portuguese lighthouse, erected in 1864 and the oldest of its kind in Asia. Now a part of the Fort is converted to central Jail. Fort is old, well preserved Portuguese fort standing in Goa, on side its Sinquerim beach, overlooking the vast expanses of Arabian Sea. The fort was constructed in 1612 to guard against the Dutch and the Marathas.

Living On the Edge!!!

We went a bit further to our favorite Spot here at Auguda, well its know as Sinquerim Beach; which we had discovered accidentally during our last visits. well this place is very pleasant & very less crowded compared to Candolium beach other side of the fort!!! we could see and hear the violent waves making roaring sound when they hit the rocks. It was amazing to watch.

View from fort Aguda!!

As we were lazing around the Fort Complex, It was really getting warm and everyone was thirsty it was time for a Cool Cool Drinks yes Goan Fenny. We felt better, and along with that, I took some snaps. Now it was time to get back all the way till the entrance. We went back to parking place, exchanged bikes and we were on the move. Everyone was tired and sweating and wanted to take a refreshing bath on a perfect Beach. So we moved towards Calangute beach!!

Sun Beds waiting for U at Calangute Beach!!

This beach was originally known by the name "kolli gutti", which means "land of fishermen". Due to the Portugal rule, the name got distorted and came to what it is presently known as Calangute Beach.

Calangute Beach!!!
Through the Small part of the beach is always crowed, we headed other side; towards Candolim Beach;The place around the Calangute beach is abundant in coconut trees, which add serenity to the scenic surroundings.Yes!!! It was waiting for me!!!

So its was time for some sun batting and every one was eager to hit the roaring waves... And My undeline was pumping for some action; So when I am here; If I prefer something fun yet not as exciting; I go on a speed boat ride; that takes you for a spin or go for a dolphin ride where I've been blessed enough to see dolphins each time. Well the banana and ringo rides are the freakiest never know when you're going to get flung into the sea.

Canda0lium is perfect zone for me; if you seek adventure in your vacation. then Goa is the place; The range of water activities here is so wide, you name it and they have it. Parasailing, Jet-skiing, water skiing, knee and wake boarding, wind surfing, speed boat rides, and much more, Goa is a paradise for water sports lovers like me.

Parasailing can give me a high by the mere thought of it. I love parasailing; ever since I first looked up at the sky, I was yearned to glide and soar like an eagle in the sky. Parasailing and Paragliding are indeed, experiences that combine the wonder of smooth sailing in the air and the thrill of soaring high above the ground.; gives me the feel of being a bird in the sky!!! and worlds just can't describle such a feeling; only thing u can do is experience...

while u are here, You can take a speedboat and venture into the sea for a thrilling water skiing experience. When the motorboat speeds off in the water, you actually sail on air above the water and the thrill is in the effort of keeping your balance and gliding over the waves. It's one of kind experience that will never fade from ur Memory!!!
River Princess ship!!! was grounded @ Candolin in 2000!!.
and also Many boat here will take crocodile spotting trips, Island trips and fishing expeditions. There is no end to fun @ Candolim or Any other beaches in Goa. Its for you to gear up and hit the waves. as heat was getting on us; We took beach chairs @ a Shack and fixed an umbrella to save ourselves from the sun. We were enjoying it too much and couldn't move from there even long after the sunset; little aware of what was in store for us next.
After Experencing some exicting and thrilling moments while parasailing and fast paced Motor boat ride; I & shid were back to the Shacks and joined Giri and Sanjana; well Giri wast narrating good old stories and the best time; we friends have spent in past; we also join in... It was fun!!! It was one of those evening; we wanted to spend togrther for a long time...and Each one of us having really a best time of over lives!!! but Within no time its was almost 6.30 and sun was going down pretty fast;But we had all the time in world....We all knew; we can be here for hours each day. What keeps me going here is the sheer bliss of lying lazily on the beach sipping on a bear, going to the sea for a swim and savoring prawns and calamari. Wow just about perfect evening that anyone can dream off..

Golden Sunset @ Candolim Beach!!!

I was having fantastic time out there with My age old Buddies, and recollecting some of fantastic moments which we had spent over past; As healthy chat & party was going on; In mean time Dad called and they were near to Panaji.... So for all off us it was time to pack our bags; we had Pani puri and Chats along side the beach, & by 7.30 we took leave from beach... and soon reached the gates of Energetic Marriage Hall @ Povarin. Every one was there. I said WoW!!

What a day!!! Well for me fun had just Began!!!


When Cousin Sister's wedding was announced and that too in Panaji, Goa, I was happy and excited at the thought of getting a chance to travel to Goa again. Marriage was on April 11th, and I had a reason to ride. I had 3 days in hand, a wedding to attend and also on the agenda being able meet all the people who mean entire world to me; My family, Friends and Relatives’ all at one place; And what a place "GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA".

Well I've lost count of the times I have been to Goa; but each time; I desire to unwind and let my hands down on my wheels, I know I'd end at this coastal paradise. Miles and miles of golden sun kissed beaches fringed by coconut palm trees lapped by the waves of the sea, it seems like Goa was created as a tiny image of Heaven on earth. Over the years I've known that the true experience of Goa can be enjoyed by spending the day lazing on the beach till the sun sets and frolicking through the night at open air beaches.

I would have loved to have the Goa even closer to Hubli (Hubli to Panaji - 182 Kilometers), Each time I had a valid reason for bunking Classes; and accelerating 3 hour ride to Goa with friends; Away from the din and bustle of the economic hub of Karnataka...Which Makes me want to live here forever and bury myself into nature’s luxury...
Places visited during the three day bike trip to Goa

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ratnagiri - Mahabaleshwar - Pune Day 3

Day 3 - 31-March-2009

Next morning got up early and went straight to the beach. It was just wonderful to be there , Looking at Abrebian Sea; I can Simply admire the nature. Though it was cold, the fresh breeze was enough to nail me at the beach. Really!!! What A beautiful morning it was!!! It was cool, Fogy and Cloudy, and just the right amount of breeze!!!
There’s an answer; In the sound of a breeze,
There is wisdom Past; the bridge on the bay,
There’s a lifetime ;Through the fog,
In the Sea; There’s a beauty
And sweet smell of mother nature
In Raiding away...

It has been while since, I was out so early!!! I was on my way towards Ganpatipule, my first pit stop for the day!!!! Well I leave the pictures to do the talking!!!!!

Vergin Beach On the way To Ganpatipule
Another one!!!
While Moving towards Ganapatipule, I took little more time to enjoy the scenic views on my way as I had lot of time in my hand... No Worries... I was enjoying marvelous views all around. The road to Ganapatipule from Ratnagiri; Is scenic and the best time to be driving on this stretch is in the early morning when the sun comes up in the horizon or during the sunset.

What A Road to Riade!!!!!

Little Mangroves!!!!

Ganapatipule is an ancient pilgrim center, located about 40kms from Ratnagiri . This beautiful sea town is rich in history. There is also a mysterious Swayambhoo (a naturally formed idol) of Ganapati in a temple at Ratnagiri. This small and sacred village is uninfluenced by commercialism. The 6 kms long virgin beach on the exotic Konkan coastline adds to the scenic beauty of the village. Ganapatipule is one of the `Ashta Ganapatis' (eight Ganpatis) of India and is called the "Paschim Dwar-Dewata" (Western Sentinel God).

Ganapatipule Temple!!!

I don’t know but people here believe that Ganapatipule is one of the Ashta Ganapatis (eight Ganapatis) of India and called the Paschim Dwar-Dewata which means the Western Sentinel God. The temple is nearly 400 years old and the idol is believed to be Swayambhu; a naturally or self formed idol.

Ganapatipule is still in its nascent stage whose immense beauty is enhanced enormously by six km long virgin beach.

There is lot of fun in being child again!!! Isn't it?
Ganpatipule is a small village with many beach's and one temple on its list of attractions. The place is strictly for them who love the sound of silence and want to experience the genuine rural konkan life.” Wow!!! What a Place!!!! How about a horse ride?
Is was such a beautiful place; Its just too tempting for me; not to leave, But after almost 2 hours, exploring the Surrounding areas, at 10.30; after breakfast along side the beach; I was back on wheels; and Went in search of NH-17, As I was driving Came across huge mango Plantation Near Devgad just next to the road....

Tender Alfonso mangoes!!!

Well Ratnagiri Alfonso mangoes are very famous every one know about it, and especially Devgadh is blessed with soil that is very fertile and rich minerals and with the sun and humidity that imparts a very unique aroma and flavor to its mangoes. The climate is favorable for the growth of mangoes. How can I go without Plucking few!!!, after tasting tender mangoes, I was again back on my saddle, and soon I was back on NH-17....

My next destination Mahabaleshwar was another 200 kms drive; , I decided it’s time to move on. Chiplun the next big town was 80 kms away. Decided that I will ride non-stop to Chiplun. Soon I was on Rolling NH-17, which conects all the major cities through the west cost of India, one of the most amazing roads ever to Drive!!! From here Parshuram Ghat turned out to be another fun ghat and me fresh from refreshing break Wanted to reach Chiplun as fast as possible, So that I Could reduce raiding time under the Sun sining with full glory.
Amboli Ghats
And after Chiplin The only notable place in between was Khed but since I couldn’t spot any place so I moved on. Just after Khed there is another ghat section named Kashedi, The point where … ghat met with NH-17 is a part of ghat section known as Kashedi. The heat was getting on me; soon I reached Poladpur which is 168 kilometers from Ratnagiri, where I have take right at junction leaving beautiful NH-17 towards Mahabaleshwar. Decided to have Lunch before moving on; so that Bike gets a breather!!!! Before heading Towards Amboli Ghats!!!!
From Poladpur; Mahabaleshwar is 40 kilometers drive through beautiful Amboli ghats. By the time I started my final leg to Mahabalehwar; it was already 2.30 p.m and another 170 kms before I can call it a day. I didn’t expect this section to have good roads but the road was in very good condition and one can actually maintain good speeds but thanks to heavy lunch I was feeling dozy and my speed dropped to sixties."
Time less LandScapes Inside Amboli Ghats
Man this is the seventh one for the day. Never expected to cross so many ghat sections on a single day. Even in my wildest dreams I expected a total of 4 ghat section in this stretch. So am I enjoying? Very much! Touring after 2 months and what more I can ask for. And the best thing is that every ghat section has been different in its own way." This ghat section is longer than the other ones but the whole stretch is in immaculate condition and being free from any traffic!!!

Road To Mahabaleshwar!!!!

Poladpur - Mahabaleshwar road through Amboli Ghats!!!!

AT 4.30 I was Strolling on to the streets of Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring ...
That is exactly what Mahabaleshwar is all about in the Indian summer! A place to escape the torrid heat that grips every one, a place to romance strawberries and mulberries, a place to cool off in the thunderous hailstorms that shower the hot hill roofs and plunge the temperatures for lovers to revel in!
Yummy!!!! Just 10 Rupees!!!
Mahabaleshwar has something for all – young and old, trekker and stroller, shopper and foodie or maybe someone who just loves to laze around. Therefore, you will find families, backpackers, moony honeymooners, all doing their own thing and generally having a good time.

Strawberry Ice-Cream!!!
After having lovely Ice-cream; Again back on my Saddle; I moved on towards kate's point which is one of the most stunning view any one can see!!! I leave the pictures to do the talking!!!!

The view from Kate's point above!
Closer one!!! Old mahabaleshwar
View from landwick view point!!
At5.30 Suddenly, the sky started filling up with dark rain clouds prompting me to beat a hasty retreat. I had just entered a landwick view point, and I was treated to a mild hailstorm, which lasted for about half an hour. This effectively brought down the ambient temperature to a very pleasant level. In both old/new Mahabaleshwar, there are nearly 20 view points; with clouds all around; I though it would better Idea to leave for pune; As It was not at all possible cover altlest half of them, and mahabaleshwar being just 120 kilometers away from pune, and being in the middle of two National highways (One is NH-4 and other one is NH-17); So thinking that I can plan a short ride any given day!!! I took Leave from Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar has pleasant climate throughout the year. In summers, temperature range between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius and in winters it falls even further. So whenever you feel tired and strained of your fast and busy life and want to enjoy the branches dipping below the windows and birds waking you every morning, you know where to take a break...!!!
On the return I took the Panchgani-Wai-Pune the roads right through are very good. By 8.00 I was back to pune room, well friends, where waiting for me, they had planned some outing!!! So I am back to pune(My Original destination!!!!) well the destination never mattered, for me It's still remains undefined and never reached. The purpose and reason that another riddle lost in the misty mountain roads!!!!!!!!!!!. "Don’t let such a good time pass by; while you sit by the window, sipping tea and reading a newspaper. Get on the road, smell the air and ride on.

Twenty years from now many will be more disappointed by the things that they didn't do than by the ones they did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail. Explore.... Dream..... Discover.....
Nevertheless I will keep riding!!! I will keep chasing the dreams!!!! Riding on the road that never ends nor stops anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!.

28-March Day 1 : Bangalore to Home Via Chitradura Fort
30-March Day 2 : Home to Ratnagiri beaches
31-March Day 3 Ratnagiri to Pune Via Mahabaleshwar